Saturday, February 5, 2011

Too Emotional

I finally able to remember my blog's ID and Password. it's been a while since i haven't post new blog. *Well, no one gonna read it anyway
First of all before it's too late, I am going to say "Happy Chinese New Year" for those who celebrate it *probably all Asian except me =.=.

Hope you guys have a wonderful day this year and if you guys get a red pockets make sure save some of it for me. well anyway, have you ever feel lonely and your mind goes crazy like feel want to jump of the balcony and get over  of everything??

It's been a weeks since CNY and school dormitory is like a ghost town because everyone are back celebrating CNY. I can't go back because my mom is like "WTF son, don't waste money!! study hard in your room, you don't need to go back home.. we NOT miss you at all!!!"*Thank you mom ^^

That's the reason why i feel so desperate yesterday because nobody i can ask to hang out with and I always in my freaking room. Today I am going to someplace nice to hang out, I don't care and I will spend my money to shopping or playing games all day....(YEAH!!!!!)

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