Sunday, February 6, 2011

Business for Pleasure??

Today, I am going to talk about the issue that occurred in every relationship for married couple. In this era, business world is getting tougher. There are many people who frustrated and stress because everyday the level of people who get fired is increase. I am not trying to exaggerated however it's happened few times in the my family. 

There are many married couples that work I have a father who both working hard everyday so they can cover the financial issue. Some married couple like my parents only let my father who do the work and my mom who always stay in the house and take care of my brothers. Fortunately, we don't have any financial issue like those who less fortune. 

However, I want to talk some issue that maybe some of the viewers are happen to face it before. Here's what happen, my father has a small company and he works really hard everyday and my mom is the one who hold the entire money in the family. So, my father always give the money to my mother and she manage the entire money whether for buying foods, money pockets, water bills, etc.

My dad is stingy type of person, he never actually want to spend money he doesn't think necessary. One day, my dad found out that my mom spend $ 4000 for a dress and it makes my dad got really pissed off. He doesn't want to speak to my mom for a week or two. Have you guys ever got something like this before? I think it's better for her to respect how fortune we are and not just spend or waste money like that (In her defense it's for weeding ceremony).

I feel sorry for dad, my mom should at least talking to my dad if she want something. Communication is important.Don't you think? 
Hope they both be alright and last forever. I love them, they are the best. 

If you want to know the dress look like, go see my older blog and you'll find my mom in the picture :)

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