Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ola Et Labora


There's a word from Latin called "Ola Et Labora" it means "Pray and Work". It's the word that my parents always say to me when I'm having a tough time. My parents never help or guide me straight to the solution, they are always say "Ola Et Labora". Somehow I always survive and done everything well. (Thank you God). Thank you for my parents who always remind me of these word. 

For those who feel depress, try to remember those words. The word "Pray" is very powerful and if you guys pray before doing something, somehow your mind become calm and clean. So, it helps you to concentrate and focus toward things you're doing.

So, Let's not forget to pray to God before doing something because somehow it makes you feel calm.
Good Luck :)


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