Sunday, February 20, 2011

How To Make Money Online

This topic is about how to make money by just clicking the advertisement. There are several trusted website which the author found by accident. These website use the method Paid by click That we actually earn money in every single click on the advertisement that the website provided.

If you want to prove this website is FAKE or REAL, you can check using this websites :)

This is how to make money online. It's really easy and simple step.

1. Register PayPal or AlertPay

2. Register to these accounts

    ○Onsearchia - $ 0.04/day
    ○BNinvestment - $0.07/day
    ○OnBux - $0.045/day
    ○GloboBux -$0.045/day
    ○VcBux -$0.04/day
    ○NeoBux -$0.041/day
    ○VynBux -$0.04/day
    ○WizBux - $0.04/day
    ○MyBux - $0.023/day
    ○OnSearchia - $0.04/day

3. Login and search "Ads" - The author refer to BNInvestment website for the example.
The others have the same method however they put it at the "View Advertisement" or "Surf Adv" page.

4. Check Active Advertisement (Blue Box)

5. Click one and direct to the other page and you just have to wait until for 30 seconds
6. Verify and the money will transfer to your balance 

The money you gain will be saved in the member's account and can be transfer to your PayPal or AlertPay Account IF you have already get enough minimum balance in your account (probably around $ 5). These method on making money is rely on your "FRIENDS". Therefore, you should ask them to join these site too (Multi Level Marketing)

Don't be lazy because it's really easy work. You just need to click it for at least 15 minutes everyday
Good Luck :)

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