Saturday, December 18, 2010

Weeding Party

Today we are going to my mom's boss weeding party. Actually i don't know where I am heading until my mom showed up with gorgeous dress she bought last time in  New York. I look at my mom and i was like "Mom, where we want to go?" and i was only wearing like T-shirt and long pants. You know my mom really like taking pictures and she ask us to take picture with her all the times. it's not like i don't like taking pictures however, with "THAT" outfit compare with "MY" outfit? COME ON!!! it's like my mom taking picture with a driver (Me). Even my dad look OK.

My Mom

You guys see the differences? Well anyway, I don't know what God plan to but i think He gave me a serious trouble; when i arrived in the weeding party, my stomach can't cooperate with me and i have to go to the restroom 3 TIMES!!. The weeding party suppose to be my "Dinner" time BUT because of this stupid stomach it turn to "Poooop" time. 

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