Thursday, December 23, 2010


I bet you all wondering what i am talking about right now. Today i want to discuss about world largest pressure going on when you are still a teenager -  "A Relationship". For some teenagers like you and me have been through many kinds of relationship. Some of you only experience once and now deeply in love in each other however it's fine whatever makes you happy.

For the new couple, for the first and second month everything feels like heaven and the world seem belongs to you. *AGREE! however things start getting to changed for next few months that's when you guys try learn about each other personality. In this stage, there's when everything turn ugly a lot of couple start argue and fight all the time. "EGO" is the critical point over here. Let's just say my relationship with her, we always fight about small things i have to admit it it's hurt so much when we are fighting. The only reason of this things is because we still not understand about each other. 

It's hard nowadays for a couple to keep in relationship but if you guys can overcome this, i am sure there will be weeding party and big happy ending to you guys. Lot of married couple nowadays only stand for only 5 years or even less. that's because they not giving each other the need physically and  especially mentally. All i want to say is, you guys who read this whatever you are, please care about your couple. when you had a fight think about why you ask her out in the first place or why you love that person in the first place. 

Love is something you can't explain but you can feel inside and it's hard to vanish from your heart.


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  1. Sweet entry, man XD
    I agree with almost everything though. But I think the problem is just with the word "love." Many relationships don't last because people don't really care about having true feelings, they just want to be in a relationship and jump right into it. There's no bond if there's no real life, ne? Since real love would be stronger than those short-term anger couples have during fights.