Thursday, December 23, 2010


I bet you all wondering what i am talking about right now. Today i want to discuss about world largest pressure going on when you are still a teenager -  "A Relationship". For some teenagers like you and me have been through many kinds of relationship. Some of you only experience once and now deeply in love in each other however it's fine whatever makes you happy.

For the new couple, for the first and second month everything feels like heaven and the world seem belongs to you. *AGREE! however things start getting to changed for next few months that's when you guys try learn about each other personality. In this stage, there's when everything turn ugly a lot of couple start argue and fight all the time. "EGO" is the critical point over here. Let's just say my relationship with her, we always fight about small things i have to admit it it's hurt so much when we are fighting. The only reason of this things is because we still not understand about each other. 

It's hard nowadays for a couple to keep in relationship but if you guys can overcome this, i am sure there will be weeding party and big happy ending to you guys. Lot of married couple nowadays only stand for only 5 years or even less. that's because they not giving each other the need physically and  especially mentally. All i want to say is, you guys who read this whatever you are, please care about your couple. when you had a fight think about why you ask her out in the first place or why you love that person in the first place. 

Love is something you can't explain but you can feel inside and it's hard to vanish from your heart.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Awkward Friends

Listen guys, i have very weird things going on since I live here. Just for the record, I am in Indonesia right now until 30th December so basically i hang out with "old" and "new" Indonesian friends which is cool. They are really friendly actually but sometimes I feel like the way and how they talk to me is really cocky. It's understandable since they are think I don't know anything around here and they all acting very smart and try to teach me something which they think it's cool like "Hang out in the mall and try to mac on chicks". For me that's lame alright, i don't like flirting with someone i don't even know because it's dangerous.

Okay about that just forget it, the thing that i really want to talk about is "Awkward" friends. Have you guys ever had one of your friend that keep talking to you and then when you respond back they just answered with totally different answer which you might NOT expected come out from his mouth?

(talking in English and he is not try to be a jackass prank on me. This conversation really happen)
Hendri: Hey what are you doing?
Niko: Hey dude, i was about to take a bath right now.. so anything wrong dude?
Hendri: Well thank you.. i feel the same way like you man
Niko: Alrighty then...................................... *awkward
anyway, can you bring me some towel dude? it's right over there
Hendri: Ohh.. that towel color is brown. really beautiful ya? *Indonesian Accent
Niko: ....................................................... *take the towel by myself
Hendri: Ok my friend... see ya nice talking to you....

That really pissed me off from tip of my foot until top of my head. if there was a hammer or stick i swear i want to hit him so hard in the face.

Weeding Party

Today we are going to my mom's boss weeding party. Actually i don't know where I am heading until my mom showed up with gorgeous dress she bought last time in  New York. I look at my mom and i was like "Mom, where we want to go?" and i was only wearing like T-shirt and long pants. You know my mom really like taking pictures and she ask us to take picture with her all the times. it's not like i don't like taking pictures however, with "THAT" outfit compare with "MY" outfit? COME ON!!! it's like my mom taking picture with a driver (Me). Even my dad look OK.

My Mom

You guys see the differences? Well anyway, I don't know what God plan to but i think He gave me a serious trouble; when i arrived in the weeding party, my stomach can't cooperate with me and i have to go to the restroom 3 TIMES!!. The weeding party suppose to be my "Dinner" time BUT because of this stupid stomach it turn to "Poooop" time. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cooking Time

Hey guys, it's been a while...
Well i haven't told you guys that i am in my hometown in Indonesia for almost two weeks now..
i am really enjoying my holiday *actually NOT!!!
so today, since i have nothing to do at home, my mom decided to teach me how to cook

My mom teach me how to cook "Spaghetti"; It's actually regular tomato spaghetti like others make but she insist to call it "Spaghetti ala Mommy" to make it more fancy >__< gosh!!!
it's really easy and simple, it takes not more than 15 minutes to make it and i was really satisfied with it...

My Home Made Spaghetti

What do you guys think? Not bad huh? xD~!!!
Well i think i doing fine with this cooking stuff might try to open Restaurant someday :P hahaha....