Sunday, February 20, 2011

How To Make Money Online

This topic is about how to make money by just clicking the advertisement. There are several trusted website which the author found by accident. These website use the method Paid by click That we actually earn money in every single click on the advertisement that the website provided.

If you want to prove this website is FAKE or REAL, you can check using this websites :)

This is how to make money online. It's really easy and simple step.

1. Register PayPal or AlertPay

2. Register to these accounts

    ○Onsearchia - $ 0.04/day
    ○BNinvestment - $0.07/day
    ○OnBux - $0.045/day
    ○GloboBux -$0.045/day
    ○VcBux -$0.04/day
    ○NeoBux -$0.041/day
    ○VynBux -$0.04/day
    ○WizBux - $0.04/day
    ○MyBux - $0.023/day
    ○OnSearchia - $0.04/day

3. Login and search "Ads" - The author refer to BNInvestment website for the example.
The others have the same method however they put it at the "View Advertisement" or "Surf Adv" page.

4. Check Active Advertisement (Blue Box)

5. Click one and direct to the other page and you just have to wait until for 30 seconds
6. Verify and the money will transfer to your balance 

The money you gain will be saved in the member's account and can be transfer to your PayPal or AlertPay Account IF you have already get enough minimum balance in your account (probably around $ 5). These method on making money is rely on your "FRIENDS". Therefore, you should ask them to join these site too (Multi Level Marketing)

Don't be lazy because it's really easy work. You just need to click it for at least 15 minutes everyday
Good Luck :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ola Et Labora


There's a word from Latin called "Ola Et Labora" it means "Pray and Work". It's the word that my parents always say to me when I'm having a tough time. My parents never help or guide me straight to the solution, they are always say "Ola Et Labora". Somehow I always survive and done everything well. (Thank you God). Thank you for my parents who always remind me of these word. 

For those who feel depress, try to remember those words. The word "Pray" is very powerful and if you guys pray before doing something, somehow your mind become calm and clean. So, it helps you to concentrate and focus toward things you're doing.

So, Let's not forget to pray to God before doing something because somehow it makes you feel calm.
Good Luck :)


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Business for Pleasure??

Today, I am going to talk about the issue that occurred in every relationship for married couple. In this era, business world is getting tougher. There are many people who frustrated and stress because everyday the level of people who get fired is increase. I am not trying to exaggerated however it's happened few times in the my family. 

There are many married couples that work I have a father who both working hard everyday so they can cover the financial issue. Some married couple like my parents only let my father who do the work and my mom who always stay in the house and take care of my brothers. Fortunately, we don't have any financial issue like those who less fortune. 

However, I want to talk some issue that maybe some of the viewers are happen to face it before. Here's what happen, my father has a small company and he works really hard everyday and my mom is the one who hold the entire money in the family. So, my father always give the money to my mother and she manage the entire money whether for buying foods, money pockets, water bills, etc.

My dad is stingy type of person, he never actually want to spend money he doesn't think necessary. One day, my dad found out that my mom spend $ 4000 for a dress and it makes my dad got really pissed off. He doesn't want to speak to my mom for a week or two. Have you guys ever got something like this before? I think it's better for her to respect how fortune we are and not just spend or waste money like that (In her defense it's for weeding ceremony).

I feel sorry for dad, my mom should at least talking to my dad if she want something. Communication is important.Don't you think? 
Hope they both be alright and last forever. I love them, they are the best. 

If you want to know the dress look like, go see my older blog and you'll find my mom in the picture :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Too Emotional

I finally able to remember my blog's ID and Password. it's been a while since i haven't post new blog. *Well, no one gonna read it anyway
First of all before it's too late, I am going to say "Happy Chinese New Year" for those who celebrate it *probably all Asian except me =.=.

Hope you guys have a wonderful day this year and if you guys get a red pockets make sure save some of it for me. well anyway, have you ever feel lonely and your mind goes crazy like feel want to jump of the balcony and get over  of everything??

It's been a weeks since CNY and school dormitory is like a ghost town because everyone are back celebrating CNY. I can't go back because my mom is like "WTF son, don't waste money!! study hard in your room, you don't need to go back home.. we NOT miss you at all!!!"*Thank you mom ^^

That's the reason why i feel so desperate yesterday because nobody i can ask to hang out with and I always in my freaking room. Today I am going to someplace nice to hang out, I don't care and I will spend my money to shopping or playing games all day....(YEAH!!!!!)

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Another valuable lesson I that there times when u can't fight for something, u just need to let go...

For me it is a very important thing in my life, never did I imagine that I need to let some of it go..
That would involve another people in your life, whether u like it or not, who are ready to let YOU go..

Just to be sure, do remember some points to recognize that the "letting-go" moments are in front of you:
1. when they start ignoring you, because that would mean that they don't want anything more to do with you..
when they lie to you, because that would mean they just like to see you miserable

2. when they start talking bout you behind your back, that would mean they are too afraid to tell you the truth, because actually there's nothing wrong bout you..
they just enjoy the gossiping thingie..

though they still treat you nicely..Don't let it fool you...

3. when they judge you for who you are friends with, that would mean they DON'T KNOW YOU at all..

4. when they can't FORGIVE your mistake, because they don't realize that NOBODY'S PERFECT, neither do they..

5. and when you actually realize they hate you, but still they don't tell you, that would mean that they are ready to LET YOU GO

After all those things and you STILL try to be a good friend, that's just useless..They just don't give a damn about you (Trust me, I've been there)

It is indeed hard to believe, I never really thought that good ol' days is not memorable for some..

Don't shed a tear because then you learned that........
there are some people who can't keep their friends,
there are some people who can easily let their friends go,
there are some people who don't give a damn about your feelings..

Believe that..
you are better than those people judge you
you have another friends who respect you for who you are
you have another friends who would give a hand when you're in trouble
and that..
you know you will be there for your friends whether they love you or hate you..
(there's just nothing wrong in doing the right thing) ^o^